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5 comments to Have a question on weaving…

  • Can I weave a tartan (yardage) on a four harness loom?

    • Jacqueline

      Hi there Philippa,

      You can weave a tartan yardage on a four harness loon. I have seen it even on a rigid heddles although that would only make plain weave (unless you use 2 sets of heddles) and I think it should be a twill.

      Thanks for inaugurating this new page 😀
      Have a good day

  • Thanks Jacqueline….now I just have to find the “pattern”?

  • Tessa

    I recently wove a wall hanging on my 4 harness floor loom. It cannot be wet finished due to hand manipulated clouds added as an embellishment and other fringe-type yarns closely packed throughout the piece. The main body of the piece is plain weave in bright rainbow colours. In 8/2 cotton. Is there another method to bond the fibers that has the same effect as wet finishing the fabric?

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