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5 comments to Have a question on weaving…

  • Can I weave a tartan (yardage) on a four harness loom?

    • Jacqueline

      Hi there Philippa,

      You can weave a tartan yardage on a four harness loon. I have seen it even on a rigid heddles although that would only make plain weave (unless you use 2 sets of heddles) and I think it should be a twill.

      Thanks for inaugurating this new page 😀
      Have a good day

  • Thanks Jacqueline….now I just have to find the “pattern”?

  • Shirley Wright

    I am part of a non profit seniors crafting group in Vancouver …
    And we were given a 4 harness table loom…and there are a few pieces missing.
    I used a 4 harness loom long ago in 1980…and can’t remember a lot…
    One of the reasons I am writing to you is to ask for your expertise.
    There are a few pieces missing…and I was wondering if someone could help us with checking out the loom and guiding us to bring the loom up to date so that we can try and use it.
    My intention is to warp it and let people weave a sampler and maybe someone would like to use it to make a project.
    Thank you in advance.
    Shirley Wright
    PS…I live in Cloverdale…so am able to bring it to the Surrey museum.

  • Shirley Wright

    Also on Craigslist…there is a floor loom that someone is giving away for free…
    I thought that your group could make use of it.

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